Cold Blue Oyster Mushroom Plug Spawn - 100 count

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The Cold Blue Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus) is known for producing a gorgeous fruiting body at super low temps and works great as a commercial strain if provided with the low temperature range for fruiting. If you’re looking for deeper blue caps then you’ll want to shoot for the coldest end of their temperature range!

The Cold Blue Oyster is one of our favorite edible mushrooms! These Oyster Mushrooms are sweet, meaty, and great in a stir fry or hearty soup! They have even been purported to exhibit antiviral properties!

Fruiting Temperatures/Conditions
This strain of Oysters loves the COLD! They'll prefer temperatures in the 35-50˚F range in order to begin budding but can mature at warmer temps. We recommend cold shocking after each flush in order to restart fruiting.

Wood Types/Media
Grows well on the following logs and stumps: oak, sweetgum, poplar, alder, ash, aspen, beech, birch, maple, sweetgum, box elder, cottonwood, willow, ailanthus, and many hardwood species.
For Indoor Grows: these do well on cotton hulls and pasteurized wheat straw.

Package contains ~100 inoculated plugs by weight.

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