Cole's Niger Thistle Seed

Size: 5 lb
Location 5 lb
Asheville: 0
Carrboro: 3
Charlottesville: 4
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0


Richard and Nancy Cole started Cole’s in the early 1980’s and they’re still family owned and operated to this day. Cole’s Bird Feeds are specifically formulated to contain only what birds need and want, no fillers here! They utilize top quality ingredients in order to maximize the variety of birds at your feeder and their health.

Coles Niger Seed is imported from Africa and sterilized prior to import so that you don't have to worry about germinating a non-native species.  Niger is often mistakenly referred to as Thistle seed and is an absolute favorite for finches.  Like Black Oil Sunflower, Niger seed is an excellent source of nutrition due to a higher oil content. Niger seed can be also be mixed with sunflower meats. 

Attracted Species: Goldfinches, House finches, Purple finches, Pine siskins, Red polls, juncos, and buntings

Feeder Types: Mesh or sock style Niger feeders

Ingredients: 100% Niger Seed

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