Deroma Terra Cotta Cabo Pots

Size: 4.7 in
Location 4.7 in 6.7 in 7.5 in 10.2 in
Asheville: 2 2 2 0
Carrboro: 0 1 0 0
Charlottesville: 30 7 10 0
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0 0 0 0


Terracotta pots are a great economical option for potting your herbs, vegetables, or houseplants.  Unglazed clay pots also breath better than glazed pots and help your plants dry out quicker and more evenly.  These planters are frost resistant, lightweight, and made with resilient long-lasting materials. 

This chic contemporary style of clay pot is great for a wide range of plants. Featuring a rimless design and two-tone pattern that offers a little more aesthetic than the traditional version. These make great pots for houseplants, tropicals, and more!

Drainage: Yes
Material: Terra cotta

 Size Top Width (in) Height (in)
4.7 in
4.9 4.5
6.7 in 6.75 4.9
7.5 in 7.6 7.2
10.2 in 10.1 9.4

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