The Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator Organic Fungicide & Insecticide

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Asheville: 2 1
Carrboro: 2 0
Charlottesville: 6 2
Pittsboro Warehouse: 9 1


Doctor Zyme's Eliminator is a non-GMO and OMRI listed pesticide and fungicide that contains no oils, bacteria, residues, or gluten.  It is comprised of food grade ingredients and can be used up to the day of harvest.  It relies on a fermentation derived citric acid base that knocks out soft bodied insects, mildews, and molds.  Eliminator affects insects by disrupting their ability to breathe and the citric acid can actively break down eggs and droppings.  The citric acid also negatively affects molds and mildews by altering the pH and creating a hostile environment for them.  It can also be used as a soil drench to address oil borne pests and diseases. 

Pests Controlled: soft bodied insects such as mites, thrips, aphids, fungus gnats, and more

Diseases Controlled: molds and mildews

Appropriate for use on: a gentle formula that works on most plants. Always test a small area before full treatment. 

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