Down to Earth Organic Solution Grade Potassium Sulfate - 5 lb

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Down to Earth was founded by organic gardening enthusiast Jack Bates in the early 80’s.  Their focus was quality organic gardening ingredients that were sourced responsibly and sustainably.  Since their humble beginnings they have become one of the leading suppliers of natural and organic gardening products.  

Potassium Sulfate is just what you'd guess it is, a great source of potassium and sulfur. Most of the primary plant functions require either potassium or sulfur to be present and this water soluble form of both ensures a quick uptake.  This is a 200 mesh powder that can be used in reservoirs, fertigation systems, drip irrigation, or with sprayers.  

NPK: 0-0-50
Derived from 100% Organic Sulfate of Potash

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