Envig Inline Garden Hose Filter

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Healthy soil microbes are key to healthy and vibrant soil. A vast majority of municipal water supplies are treated with chlorine or chloramine in order to disinfect the drinking water.  These harsh chemicals aren't just detrimental to microorganisms in your water, they also harm the ones that live in your soil.  The Envig catalytic carbon & KDF55 garden hose filter is specially designed to remove chloramine and chlorine without affecting elements that are useful to your plants, like nitrogen or phosphorous. The catalytic property of this carbon media is up to 10 times higher than standard activated carbon. This allows it to remove chlorine and chloramine more effectively in a fraction of the time. In field testing this filter has been shown to remove up to 80% of chloramine and chlorine. It easily connects to any standard 3/4" garden hose thread and the included flexible hose protector adds additional convenience and protection for the filter body. Use it for the entire season or up to 8,500 gallon of capacity. 

Rated Capacity: 8500 Gallon
Working Pressure: 20 – 100 PSI
Maximum Flow Rate: 4.5 GPM
Operating Temperature: 35° – 100° F

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