EZ Clone Green Soft Neoprene Cloning Collar - 2 inch

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EZ-CLONE Cloning Collars are specifically designed for use in the EZ-CLONE Cloning Systems, but they will work in a number of other systems and setups as well. They are manufactured from a clean and sterile material so that your cuttings stay healthy. Designed to protect and hold your cuttings upright in the lid, providing the top leaves with air and light, while allowing the stems of your cuttings to be completely exposed inside the misting chamber. Currently, EZ-CLONE Cloning Collars are available in a  high density Hard material as well as the same great Soft material that they have been for years. The colors are great for keeping strains and genetics separate!

This listing is for a single neoprene collar. 

Dimensions: 2" x .75"

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