FermFast 24 Hour Turbo Yeast

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FermFast 24 Hour Turbo Yeast is a urea free dry yeast capable of fermenting up to 6.6 gallons of alcohol wash or base to 14% abv.  FermFast products provide for quick, clean, and quality fermentations when provided with the correct conditions.  

Prepare 5.5 gallons (21L) of hot water in a 7.9 gallon (30L) fermenter. Add 13 lbs. (6kg) of sugar and stir. Ensure sugar is fully dissolved before proceeding. When the sugar solution is 95oF (35°C) or below add the 24 Hour Turbo Yeast sachet contents and stir well. Secure lid firmly onto fermenter, attach airlock and leave to ferment at a temperature between 68-86oF (20-30°C) for 24 hours. Please note: Fermentation times may vary depending on conditions and temperature control.

260 gram packet
Ingredients: Yeast, yeast nutrient, antifoam, vitamins, trace minerals

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