FermFast DualFine Dual Stage Finings

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FermFast's DualFine fining agent is a tag team of chitosan and kieselsol that will address both positively and negatively charged compounds suspended in your fermenting beverage.  It will yield a brilliantly clear final product when utilized in the proper conditions.  Great for clearing your beer, wine, or spirits. 

Gently stir entire contents of packet A1 Kieselsol into wine, beer or spirits after fermentation is complete. Wait minimum of 1 hour prior to adding packet A2 Chitosan.

Add packet A2 Chitosan 1 hour after Kieselsol has been added. Gently stir Chitosan into wine, beer or spirits for 30 seconds and reattach bung and airlock. Allow to clear completely. Clears brilliantly in 12-48 hours.

65g packet
Ingredients: Chitosan solution, silca solution

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