FermFast Whiskey Turbo Yeast

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The FermFast Whiskey Turbo Yeast is used to ferment mashed grains or malt extract up to 15% ABV. This product, which contains glucoamylase for the conversion of dextrins to fermentable sugars, can not be used with sugar solutions without separate nutrient addition. 


Once mash or wort is prepared, allow to cool to 89°F (32°C). Add Whisky Yeast sachet contents and stir well. Secure lid firmly onto fermenter, attach airlock and leave to ferment between 70-89°F (20-32°C). Complete fermentation times are dependent on temperature. Please note: all grains must be fully enzymatically converted to dextrins by mashing with alpha-amylase before use.

30 gram packet
Ingredient: Yeast, glucoamylase enzyme

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