Fifth Season Hydroton Mini Bag - .75 ltr

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Asheville: 24
Carrboro: 36
Charlottesville: 8
Pittsboro Warehouse: 33


This expanded clay media is a unique, lightweight aggregate produced in Germany. A naturally occurring clay is mined, turned into pellets, then fired at high temps in a kiln. This kiln firing causes the clay pellets to expand into tough, lightweight balls with plenty of air pockets. Clay has a naturally balanced capillary action, with a surface structure ideal for growing. Hydroton® brand expanded clay pebbles are semi-porous and generally do not float like some copycat clay products. It's recommended that you rinse all expanded clay products before use. Hydroton® is a sustainable growing media since you can reuse it over and over if thoroughly cleaned each time.

Hydroton can also be mixed into potting mixes to increase aeration and drainage. It's also great for filling space at the bottom of ceramic pots since it's lightweight and for use in humidity trays and other plant related setups. Great for terrariums!

Pebble size: 8–16 mm.

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