Fitt Force Pro Commercial Grade Hose - 50 ft

Title: 25 ft
Location 25 ft 50 ft
Asheville: 3 5
Carrboro: 3 2
Charlottesville: 1 0
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0 9


The Fitt Force Pro Garden Hose is a professional quality hose available to the everyday gardener.  This hose was the winner of the 2020 Red Dot Design Award due to its excellent craftsmanship, advanced design, and quality materials.  The Fitt Force Pro has a number of unique attributes that make it an excellent choice for your watering needs.  This hose does not retain a round shape when not in use and is designed to flatten when emptied for compact storage.  The use of a thermoplastic elastomer and NTS Plus mesh ensures that the Fitt Force Pro is highly resistant to abrasion, puncture, kinking, and high pressure applications.  It also utilizes a proprietary design for the commercial grade aluminum couplings that allows them to be removed and reinstalled in seconds should you experience a puncture.  Also, there is no lead, PVC, or phthalates used in the making of this hose and it is considered drinking water safe!

- Suitable for professional use, garden/home applications, abrasive surfaces, and intensive situations
- Top quality materials make this hose extremely tough, while remaining super-light and flexible
- Works in temperature extremes, -4°F / 160°F
- Top quality aluminum couplings are corrosion and crush resistant
- Kink resistant
- Limited lifetime warranty

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