FloraFlex V1™ Vegetative Part 1 Nutrients

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FloraFlex® has created one of the highest quality, cleanest, and most pH stable nutrient lines on the market. These dry, powdered, synthetic blends are extremely easy to use and produce great results.  The Veg and Bloom blends both come in a two part formula with other quality supplements available.  

Mixing Instructions

  • First Mix V1 in your water source, allow it to completely dissolve. Then add V2.
  • Depending on your desired EC use 1-2 teaspoons per 5 gallons of water (1-2 grams per gallon)
  • Add V1 and then V2 to your water source throughout the entire vegetative stage.
  • At lower dosages V1 and V2 can be used as a base along with other additives.

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