FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil

Size: 12 qt
Location 12 qt 1.5 cu ft
Asheville: 18 9
Carrboro: 13 54
Charlottesville: 29 67
Greensboro: 10 26
Pittsboro Warehouse: 117 0


Ocean Forest® is by far FoxFarm's most popular soil and the flagship that started it all.  A staple in the gardening industry and one that is not easily or often surpassed.  Ocean Forest® is a star-studded blend of soil additives and nutrients pulled from the land and the sea in order to provide your plants with ample nutrition out of the gates.  

A scientifically formulated blend of aged forest products, sandy loam, and sphagnum peat moss give Ocean Forest® its light, fluffy, and aerated texture. Also, this soil is ready to use right out of the bag. No need for nitrogen fertilizers at first; instead consider using FoxFarm Big Bloom® liquid fertilizer to get things going.

Sphagnum peat moss, fish, crab meal, shrimp meal, aged forest products, sandy loam, worm castings, and bat guano

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