Stainless Steel Funnel w/Strainer

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This funnel has a conveniently narrow stem, perfect for small bottles and containers. This funnel’s stem is also equipped with an indented air release channel that allows the funnel to vent while filling for a better flow. The detachable strainer allows you to filter solids out of the liquid while you're filling in one easy step. It also features a convenient loop for holding during filling or for hanging storage. 

This funnel is ideal for adding salt, pepper, herbs or spices into shakers or jars; transferring oils and vinegars into cruets or small decorative bottles for gifts; adding powdered drink mixes into water bottles, filling hot sauce jars, and more! Perfect for auto care, cleaning, restaurants, schools and labs! Made of heavy duty stainless steel. Dishwasher safe.

Measures: 6" x 5" x 4.5"
Mouth: 4.75"
Stem: 0.6"

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