Grodan Gro-Smart Tray Insert

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The Grodan® Gro-Smart Tray was specifically designed for use with their Starter plugs, Mini-Blocks™ and Gro-Blocks™.  These clever Dutch trays are heavy duty and have multiple features and uses. You can use both sides of this tray for various applications.  The 78-cell side perfectly fits 1.5 in A-OK Starter Plugs™ or round Macroplugs™. Use the mesh side for sheets of A-OK's, Mini-Blocks™, or Gro-Blocks™. Fits in a standard 10 x 20 flat tray and helps maintain air flow by elevating the Grodan® tray from the bottom of the flat. Easily cleaned and sanitized as you would any hard-plastic product. It's even dish-washer safe! 

1.8" x  9.2" x 19.7"

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