Harris 360˚ Upside Down Power Spray Bottle - 32 oz

Location Qty.
Asheville: 15
Carrboro: 6
Charlottesville: 7
Pittsboro Warehouse: 65


The Harris 360˚ Upside Down Power Trigger Spray Bottle is made using a heavy duty and chemical resistant plastic bottle. This sprayer can be used to spray in all directions, even upside down!  Used in commercial and professional industries to apply a wide variety of liquids including bleach, alkaline, and acid based products. Appropriate for use with cleaners, insecticides, weed killers and many other products.


  • Adjustable nozzle that generates a fine mist all the way to a hard stream.
  • Graduated on the side for easy measurements
  • Can spray at all angles without leaking
  • Chemically resistant to safely hold a wide variety of compounds
  • Automatically pressurizes so that you don't have to squeeze multiple times to prime


Maximum capacity is 32 oz. 

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