Horticultural Vinegar 20% - 1 gallon

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Horticultural vinegar is a great all-natural option for controlling weeds in your garden, yard, and around the house.  20% distilled white vinegar is 4x stronger than the 5% vinegar you'll find in the grocery store.  That makes it much more effective as a natural cleaner and non-selective herbicide.  Our horticultural vinegar is made in the USA and is free from any dyes, additives, or other ingredients.  It can be used safely around your house, kids, pets, and food crops.  It will naturally biodegrade in the soil over time.  

We recommend wearing protective gear when spraying or using horticultural vinegar as an herbicide or cleaner due to the potential to irritate skin, eyes, and lungs if exposed.  

Instructions for use:  Apply at full strength or at desired dilution in order to control weeds.  Spray and cover foliage that you desire to remove.  High pH will burn plant foliage indiscriminately.  More effective in full sun and with higher temps.  

Other uses:
- Cleaning projects
- Removing stains
- Adjusting soil pH
- Removing calcium and lime buildup
- Remove mineral deposits

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