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Hydro Crunch's High Pressure Sodium (HPS) grow bulbs are ideal for the fruiting and flowering stage of your plants.  The light from HPS bulbs helps to promote flower and fruit production better than Metal Halide and other comparable light sources.  The color spectrum is specifically associated with the flowering stage and helps trigger plants to make the switch from the vegetative stage.  It is advised to use HPS lamps for just the flowering phase or to use them in a 4:1 ratio of HPS to MH for the ideal results. 

- Color temperature: 2100K
- Works with Digital or Magnetic Ballasts
- Mogul E39 socket base
- Color Index: (RA): 20
- Frequency: 60Hz
- Life Span: 28,000 hours
- Safety: S51 ANSI SPEC

Bulb Lumens Life Span (hrs)
400 w
53,500 28,000
600 w 90,000 28,000
1000 w  140,000 24,000


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