Growcentia Mammoth® P Microbial Inoculant

Size: 120 ml
Location 120 ml 250 ml 500 ml-DC
Asheville: 3 2 0
Carrboro: 2 3 0
Charlottesville: 2 2 1
Pittsboro Warehouse: 6 6 0


Mammoth® P is a university tested microbial inoculant that was derived organically and intended to maximize phosphorous cycling in growing plants in an effort to maximize fruiting yields.  It is absolutely compatible with any and every growing regimen and nutrient program and can be used with all soil types, growing media, and hydroponic systems. 

Benefits - Protect your plants root zone by outcompeting bad microbes
- Free up phosphorus naturally, reduce need for supplemental feeding
- Reduce internodal spacing and increase plant growth
- Lab developed and university tested
- Fully compatible with all grows and nutrient programs
- Average yield increase of 16%
- Maximize your plants potential!

Usage rate: .6ml/gallon (a little goes a long way!)

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