Highly Reflective Mylar Film - 2 mil

Size: 4x25 ft - DC
Location 4x25 ft - DC 4x50 ft
Asheville: 0 1
Carrboro: 0 1
Charlottesville: 2 1
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0 0


Mylar helps you get the most out of your lighting setup without the need for more light fixtures or other heat sources. Hydrofarm's reflective metalized film maximizes the efficiency of your lighting by reflecting more of it onto your plants. This means your light is essentially working twice for you. This lightweight film unrolls easily from a sturdy spool with no sticking or tears. Simply cut what you need to cover windows, walls, and more. You can even use this film on tables and floors, then put plants on it and reflect light up through their pots and other containers. This reflective metalized film is the best reflective material made. Experience its mirror-like efficiency for yourself!

Dimensions: 2 mil thick x 4 ft wide.  Length varies by roll size

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