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Nectar for the Gods was founded with the principle of providing home gardeners with synthetic free nutrients that were produced with very little impact on the environment. Their focus is maintaining a low waste production process with a responsible usage of water and energy. This is a calcium-based line that has been enzymatically predigested to provide your plants with immediately available natural nutrition.

One of the original nutrients produced by Nectar, this one is able to be used as a standalone nutrient or as part of a feeding program. A specific mix of organic matter, humates, and enzymatically processed compounds.  The predigestion by these enzymes makes these vitamins, acids, and minerals immediately available to the plants.  Another beneficial feature of this nutrient is that all of the nitrogen is protein based.  This is the most beneficial format for plants and helps promote healthy vigorous growth.  Take advantage of the known benefits of blending humic acid with kelp by using Gaia Mania!

Looking for an all natural houseplant fertilizer? Check out Gaia Mania and their Medusa's Magic Soil Nutrient!

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