Omega Yeast Labs Propper Starter -16 oz

Size: Single
Location Single 4/pk
Asheville: 2 2
Carrboro: 3 1
Charlottesville: 3 1
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0 0


One of our most consistent pieces of advice for homebrewers is to build up their yeast with a yeast starter in order to ensure a proper pitching rate.  We find that so many issues with home brews come down to insufficient or unhealthy yeast.  However, making starters can be a pain!  That's where the Propper Starter yeast starter concentrate comes in! Perfect for high gravity beers, cold-pitched lagers, as well as yeast packs that are close to expiring. This no-mess concentrate is easy to use. Simply combine, in a sanitized flask, one can with an equal amount of purified water and get one liter of ready-to-use starter wort.

Available in 4 packs or Single 16 oz cans. 

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