Orchiata Orchid Bark - Super

Size: 2 ltr
Location 2 ltr 35 ltr
Asheville: 3 0
Carrboro: 3 0
Charlottesville: 2 1
Pittsboro Warehouse: 15 0


Orchiata is widely recognized as the top tier bark based orchid growing substrate.  It is a sustainable growing medium produced from using finest quality, 100% pure New Zealand Pinus radiata bark. Orchiata uses Pinus radiata that is sourced from renewable, man-made forests.  Pinus radiata is harder and more stable than fir based growing media and this greatly reduces the need for repotting. Orchiata is, in part, unique due to the proprietary process that they use for aging the bark. Orchiata's aging regimen destroys pathogens while simultaneously promoting beneficial organisms. The outer surface of the bark is also broken down and this allows it to hold moisture and nutrients while the interior remains hard and stable.  Orchiata provides consistent hydration for your orchids as well as an ideal wet/dry cycle and promoting excellent longevity.

Orchiata Super: 18-25mm, our largest chip size, used for mature orchids and orchids that require a high AFP. AFP 51-55%, WHC 56.8%.


  • pH balanced to eliminate the natural acidity of bark media
  • Contains beneficial microorganisms for protection against plant pathogens
  • Does not accumulate salts reducing the need for flushing
  • Aged, not composted, allowing water and nutrients to be held while retaining hard structure
  • Does not break down minimizing the need for repotting

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