SS 141 Snap Pea Pea Seeds

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Asheville: 11
Carrboro: 8
Charlottesville: 0
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Contents: Approx. 90-170 seeds, 1 oz
Days to Maturity: 60 days

An exciting release for sugar snap pea fans. SS 141 is a compact plant of 3.5' vines that forms a heavy set of extra-long, extra tasty pods that ripen within a short window. This strongly improved snap pea offers very high yield potential. Suitable for multiple succession plantings. Tight harvest window. Jumbo 4" pods.

High Mowing Seeds offers over 700 varieties of heirloom and hybrid Certified Organic and Non-GMO seeds sourced from farms located all across the country. Their varieties are chosen based on their ability to perform in organic conditions. 

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