PolySeal Growler Screw Caps (38-400 CT)

Size: Single
Location Single 72/ct
Asheville: 53 1
Carrboro: 67 1
Charlottesville: 47 1
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0 1


These heavy duty 38 mm screw caps will fit any bottle or jug with a 38-400 CT thread.  They're designed to seal exceptionally well and will prevent leaks or oxidation of your beverages.  The cone shaped liner is made from an oil-resistant plastic that resists odors and chemicals in order to keep your products ultra-fresh.

These black screw caps are great for jugs, growlers, and more!  We highly recommend using these over the standard metal growler cap for both a superior seal and preservation of your home brew. 

38-400 (38/400) CT continuous thread screw caps

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