Granite Poultry Grit

Size: 5 lb
Location 5 lb 50 lb
Asheville: 4 1
Carrboro: 4 0
Charlottesville: 0 1
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0 1


Chicken grit is an important part of poultry diets that will help your birds get the most nutrition out of their feed. Grit is stored in the ventriculus, or gizzard, which is the part of the digestive tract that mechanically breaks down food and aids in the grinding of food particles. Grit should be provided free choice to allow birds to self-regulate their intake to best suit their individual needs. Layer Grit is the perfect size of crushed granite for adult chickens to improve feed efficiency during digestion. The 50 LB Layer/Developer Grit is ideal for larger scale poultry flocks. 

Crushed granite can also be used a soil amendment in order to promote drainage and prevent compaction in potting soil mixes.  Certain cactus and succulent soils benefit from the addition of crushed granite since it holds no moisture and allows for sharp drainage. 

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