Red Gorilla Small Tub Trug - 3.7 gal

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Carrboro: 2
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Red Gorilla, formerly known as Tubtrugs, makes top quality tubs that are available in a wide range of sizes and colors.  Their tubs are suitable for an impressive range of applications and you're sure to find a size that meets your needs.  They are made using 100% food grade plastic so that you can pick and wash your harvest with peace of mind.  Worried about temperature and sunlight exposure? Don't! They're also UV and frost resistant!  Featuring super strong handles and an incredibly flexible and durable build, you can put these tubs through just about anything.  

Great for
- Picking and washing fruits and veggies
- Mixing soil and carrying yard waste
- Washing pets
- Fill with ice and keep beverages cool
- Feeding livestock
- Storing yard toys
- Much more!

Dimensions: 13” (33cm) wide x 9” (29cm) tall
Capacity: 14 Liters / 3.7 US Gallons

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