Roots Organics Cal Mag - 1 quart

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Roots Organics was born of the uncompromising desire to provide quality organic gardening products without harming the planet or its inhabitants. Their commitment to sustainable practices, reducing their carbon output, and supporting the community is matched only by the superior quality of their soils and fertilizers.

Roots Organics' CalMag is a rarity in that it contains no nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium and is a pure source of calcium, magnesium, and sulfur for your plants.  The exclusion of the macronutrients gives you precise control over supplementing your feeding schedule and won't interfere with other nutrient lines.  Ideal for heavily feeding plants and ideally utilized with base nutrients such as Buddha Grow and Buddha Bloom

Derived from Kieserite and Gypsum

Mature Vegetative Plants
5-15 ml per gallon

Mature Flowering Plants
10-15 ml per gallon

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