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Roots Organics was born of the uncompromising desire to provide quality organic gardening products without harming the planet or its inhabitants. Their commitment to sustainable practices, reducing their carbon output, and supporting the community is matched only by the superior quality of their soils and fertilizers.

HPK is one of Roots Organics' guano based liquid bloom boosters. This blend relies on a blend of organic and mineral based phosphorus by pulling from seabird guano and rock phosphate, renowned for their phosphorus availability. They combine them with langbeinite, a potent source of potassium and magnesium that is sustainably mined from long past sea beds in the deserts of Southwest America.

NPK: 0-4-3
Derived from Seabird Guano, Rock Phosphate, and Langbeinite.

Soil or Hydroponics
1 tbsp per gallon during fruiting or flowering phase 

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