Safer® Organic Insect Killing Soap

Size: RTU-32 oz
Location RTU-32 oz Concentrate-16 oz
Asheville: 8 3
Carrboro: 3 0
Charlottesville: 8 5
Pittsboro Warehouse: 65 46


Safer® Insect Killing Soap relies on potassium salts of fatty acids to kill soft-bodied insect pests on contact. Potassium salts of fatty acids operate by reducing and breaking down an insect's protective outer shell and eventually causing dehydration and death.  Derived from naturally occurring acids found in animal fats and plant oils. Just spray your plants at the first sign of insect damage and repeat every 5- 7 days as long as you still have pests.  

Pests Controlled: Aphids, Mealybugs, Earwigs, Whiteflies, Grasshoppers, Harlequin Bugs, Leafhoppers, Mites, Plant bugs, Psyllids, Sawfly Larvae, Soft Scales, Spider Mites, Squash Bugs, Blossom Thrips. 

Appropriate for use on: Fruits, Veggies, Herbs, Ornamentals, House Plants, Flowers, Trees, and Shrubs. 

Safe enough to be used up to the day of harvest and will not persist in the environment after application. 

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