Monique Shallot Sets

Color: .25 lb
Location .25 lb 1 lb
Asheville: 0 5
Carrboro: 69 0
Charlottesville: 0 4
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0 0


Dutch Valley Growers was founded in 1933 by a dedicated group of farmers committed to providing quality onion sets. They are still family owned and operated to this day and have since drastically expanded their offerings. Everything offered by Dutch Valley is backed by over 80 years of experience and knowledge. 

Monique shallots are a little bit more elongated than traditional shallots. Monique is known for excellent disease resistance, stellar storage potential, and vigorous growth.  They're capable of being stored for a whopping 10+ months if treated properly.  Growing as large as 3 inches, they have a pale bronze skin and pink hued flesh. Mild flavor, similar to a combination of sweet onion and a hint of garlic. Excellent for cooking. 

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