SNS 209 Organic Systemic Pest Control - 16 oz

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Sierra Natural Science specializes in natural and organic products that are free from synthetics and nasty toxic chemicals.  Their 209 Organic Systemic Insecticide is something we never thought we'd find, a systemic insecticide that wasn't full of neonicotinoids and other nasty compounds.  Many garden pests damage plants by sucking out fluids or chewing on cell walls.  SNS 209 works by relying on rosemeric acid from the rosemary plant.  Plants absorb this acid into their tissue and distribute it throughout their cells.  When a pest comes along and breaks the plants tissue it gets a taste of the acid and moves along.  209 is made of 100% pure botanical extracts and it is highly soluble.  It is fully biodegradable and non-toxic for animals and people when used as directed. 

- Protects the entire plant, roots and all
- Use up to the day of harvest (0-day REI)
- Approved for organic production, EPA exempt FIFRA 25(b)
- Works as a soil drench and foliar spray
- Safe around children and pets when used as directed

Pests Treated: spider mites, broad mites, russet mites, root aphids, gnat larvae, fungus gnats, white flies, cabbage maggots, and most other sucking insects

Appropriate for: Hydroponics, Greenhouses, Agriculture, Home & Garden

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