Stokes Select Metal Hopper Bird Feeder

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Asheville: 2
Carrboro: 2
Charlottesville: 2
Pittsboro Warehouse: 8


The Metal Hopper Bird Feeder is making bird feeding easy with its sure-fill, no-spill features. Its spring-loaded, push-button top effortlessly opens with one touch, making refilling a piece of cake! Squirrels are kept out thanks to its durable metal hopper frame. With its beautiful matte bronze finish, elegant roof design and ornate metal detailing, this feeder combines strength and style. Birds can perch on one of the 4 large rounded perches and the feeder holds up to 3.6 pounds of seeds. 


  • Spring-loaded, push-button cap opens with one-touch for easy filling
  • Metal hopper frame is resistant to squirrel chewing
  • Removable base for convenient cleaning
  • 4 ports with large rounded perches to attract more birds
  • 3.6 lb. seed capacity
  • Elegant roof and ornate detailing with bronze finish

Dimensions: 9"h x 8.5"w x 8.5"d

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