SunBlaster High Output T5 Fluorescent Fixtures with Lamps - 6400k

Size: 2 ft
Location 2 ft 3 ft 4 ft
Asheville: 2 1 6
Carrboro: 3 1 7
Charlottesville: 2 2 3
Pittsboro Warehouse: 2 0 21


SunBlaster's T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Fixtures are some of the best available on the market.  Assembled using top notch components and a high output bulb, these units are perfect for a wide array of applications.  Fluorescents are prized for their low energy usage and the fact that they produce less heat than some of the higher intensity options out there.  The tradeoff is light intensity as these units require a closer vicinity to the plant canopy than other fixtures and do not have the same potential to penetrate through layers of vegetation. We generally recommend placing T5s within 4-8" of your plant canopy depending on the light needs of the plant. 

Fluorescents are a perfect lighting solution for seed starting, young transplants, cloning & propagation, cuttings, supplemental lighting, and mid to low light houseplants. These units can be daisy chained (up to 8 units!) or used in conjunction with the SunBlaster Light Stand or SunBlaster Light Hanger

- Fluorescent fixture
- High Output 6400k fluorescent bulb
- Mounting options for hanging or flat surfaces
- Jumper cables for daisy chaining

 Length Lumens Watts Voltage Rated Life
24 inch (60 cm) 2232 24w 110-130 10,000 hrs
36 inch (90 cm) 3627 39w 110-130 10,000 hrs
48 inch (120 cm) 5022 54w 110-130 10,000 hrs

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