Sweet Annie Wormwood Seeds

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Contents: Approximately 1,400 seeds, .05 g.
Days to Maturity:
 190-240 days

Easy-to-grow, tall, aromatic ornamental. Fern-like, silvery, sweet-smelling foliage. Use in floral arrangements, wreaths, pressed flowers. Attracts bees, butterflies, birds to your garden. Grown mostly for its sweetly scented foliage, its ornamental value, its use in wreath-making, and for use in pressed leaf and flower arrangements. Suitable for container growing. Seed is difficult to clean and contains some light chaff. Medicinal: Sweet Annie is currently being investigated for its medicinal value as an antihelminthic, and for the treatment of chloroquine-resistant malaria.

Growing instructions: Self-sowing annual. Germination 70°F, 7-21 days. Direct sow or transplant. Full sun or part shade. Height 48-72 in. It tolerates most soils if well-drained, and is requires little care once established. This annual comes back every year through self-sowing. Sow seed indoors six weeks before last frost and transplant after all danger of frost. Or direct sow on bare soil in the fall. In long-season areas, spring sow outside after last frost. Prune these large plants as needed. Under some conditions, this plant can invasively self-sow (though it’s easy to remove and smells great as you weed it). Remove flowers to control self-sowing. For dried flowers, harvest when flower heads have developed. Hang upside down in a dark, ventilated space until thoroughly dry. To save seed, harvest mature flowers, dry, and shake seeds into a large paper bag. Seed is difficult to clean and contains some light chaff.

Southern Exposure focuses on offering heirloom varieties that are particularly well suited to growing in the Southeast. They work with a number of small farms in order to provide only Certified Organic and Non-GMO seeds.

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