Tinyroots All Purpose Blend Bonsai Soil - 2 qt

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Tinyroots is dedicated to providing the bonsai community with uncompromising quality in their products. Their bonsai soil is carefully sifted and hand mixed, dried, and bagged with care in each batch. You can trust that each Tinyroots product is designed to provide just what your bonsai needs for healthy growth.

Tinyroots' All-Purpose Bonsai Soil Blend can be used to grow just about any type of bonsai successfully. The right balance between the components of a soil plays a critical role in maintaining the health and vigor of the plant.  Tinyroots bonsai soils provide the perfect balance of moisture, aeration, drainage, and nutrient retention.  

Ingredients: Double-sifted pine bark fines, coarse river sand #3, horticultural vermiculite, calcine clay, and frit.

Also contains: 28+ vital trace elements and minerals

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