Titan Controls CO2 Regulator

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Titan's CO2 Regulator is capable of working with Titan Controls® CO2 Controllers or other 120 Volt controllers and timers. It features a precision accuracy flow meter capable of 0.5 to 15 SCF/hour. A heavy-duty solenoid valve ensures consistency over time and a top quality oilless pressure gauge that will always read true. Includes two plastic CO2 tank washers and 12 ft of CO2 dispensing line. The regulator's brass body construction ensures long-lasting dependability and durability. 

  • Compatible with Titan Controls Atlas 1 CO2 Monitor/Controller, Atlas 2 CO2 Monitor/Controller, Apollo 12 Short Cycle Timer or any other 120 volt CO2 controllers or timers
  • Use with Titan's CO2 Rain System for best results
  • Precision accuracy flow valve - from .5 to 15 SCFH (Standard Cubic Feet per Hour)
  • CO2 helps increase overall plant growth and vigor
  • Features heavy-duty solenoid
  • Includes 12' of CO2 gas dispensing line
  • Powered by 6' - 120 volt grounded power cord
  • Two plastic tank washers included. Replacements available
  • Growroom CO2 'dosing' chart included
  • 1 Amp/120 Volts/60 Hz
  • 1 Year Warranty

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