Tumbleweed Gedyes Compost Bin - 105 gal

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The Tumbleweed 105 Gal / 400L Compost Bin is a great choice for composting large and varied amounts of organic waste into rich compost for your garden. This sturdy yet lightweight bin is big enough to handle all your lawn clippings, trimmings and organic kitchen waste. For the best results, load the bin and replace the lid, then turn your compost regularly with an aerator to speed decomposition. 

  • It's unique corrugated style provides more surface area to allow the bin to heat up for great compost.
  • Designed to be made out of 100% recycled plastic, providing a long second life application for post consumer and and post industrial plastics. 
  • The Gedye Bins solid lid and holes around the bottom edge make this the most vermin proof compost bin. 
  • 100% UV Protected Recycled Post Consumer Plastic
  • 31" h x 36" w
  • 12 Year Warranty 

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