Xtreme Gardening Azos Beneficial Bacteria

Size: 2 oz
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Xtreme Gardening's Azos is a species of beneficial bacteria that fixes atmospheric nitrogen naturally and converts it to a form that plants can use.  This increased availability of nitrogen promotes vegetative growth and enhanced root development.  Utilizing naturally occurring nitrogen means that you can rely less on fertilizers and synthetic nutrients.  The species of bacteria at play here can also promote the release of IAA, a naturally occurring plant hormone, and promote root generation and growth. A great property for taking clones and cuttings. 

This wettable powder can be applied directly to the root zone or watered in after planting.  It works great with all types of growing mediums, organic nutrients, and synthetic fertilizers.  

Diazotrophic Bacteria:
Azospirillum brasilense ............. 1.0 x 10^6 CFU/gram*

Inert Carrier ................................................ 99%                                                  *(Colony Forming Units)

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