Canna Cannazym

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CANNAZYM is a high quality nutrient and enzyme additive that assists with breaking down dead roots, encouraging beneficial microorganisms, and optimizing the nutrient environment for the plant. Enzymes are substances that aid or encourage specific processes in living organisms. Cannazym breaks down dead roots and helps release locked up nutrients and reduce the food source for root borne pests.  It can also help prevent root rot issues by reducing unnecessary biomass. 

In a healthy root system, roots die off and new roots are formed. Dead root remnants provide an ideal growing substrate for pathogenic organisms. These pathogenic organisms are a threat to the healthy roots and can cause them to lose their function, which stresses the entire plant. Get rid of dead roots with Cannazym!

The enzymes in CANNAZYM have many benefits:

  • CANNAZYM turns dead roots into minerals and carbohydrates. This is important, because these minerals and sugars make up a valuable source of nutrients for the plant and micro-life. It improves nutrient conditions for plant health.
  • CANNAZYM reduces conditions that give bacteria and mold the opportunity to flourish.
  • CANNAZYM improves the soil environment. An efficient breakdown of root remains creates a balanced hydrological regime and good aeration in the root environment.

CANNAZYM is indispensable if you are going to reuse substrates for growing. The root remains will be rapidly broken down and transformed into advantageous nutrients. This creates less opportunity for pathogens to flourish and improves the air/water pore space balance in the root environment. You can use CANNAZYM during the whole growth cycle and with any nutrient line. 

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