Jiffy Round Peat Pellets - 42mm - 25 pk

Location Qty.
Asheville: 13
Carrboro: 9
Charlottesville: 7
Pittsboro Warehouse: 36


Jiffy® has been in the gardening business for over half a century and they’re widely known in the nursery and greenhouse industry. They have a very dynamic and well-developed line of products designed to make gardening as easy and successful as possible. Their compressed peat pots, pellets, and strips make starting seeds and transplanting a breeze!

Jiffy-7® peat pellets are a quick and efficient way to start your seeds.  Compressed peat discs wrapped in a fine biodegradable fabric.  All you have to do is soak the pellets in water and watch them quickly expand.  They provide the ideal mix of moisture and aeration for your growing seedlings with uncompromising consistency. 

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