Malibu Bu's Blend Biodynamic Compost

Size: 12 qt
Location 12 qt
Asheville: 11
Carrboro: 3
Charlottesville: 4
Pittsboro Warehouse: 17


Malibu's Compost is a premium, organic, farm produced, and non-GMO product that is designed for the production of healthy food from a healthy garden.  There are no pesticides, herbicides, green waste products, growth hormones, or synthetics in this compost and it is certified biodynamic. 

Compost is a great soil additive for your garden other plantings.  Adding organic matter can both help break up heavy clay soils and improve ​moisture retention if you have a more sandy situation. An impressive soil microbiology makes this compost great for revitalizing old garden beds, flower beds, or potted plants.  Add a little to your seedling mix and watch your starts go crazy. 


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