Roots Organics Potting Soil - 1.5 cu ft

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Asheville: 23
Carrboro: 27
Charlottesville: 23
Pittsboro Warehouse: 20


Roots Organics Original Potting Soil is a well draining potting mix that is designed to be used out of the bag with no amending.  Blended with the goal of maintaining a well balanced ratio of air to water in your soil mix.  This allows for more frequent feeding of those crops that grow quickly and need the nutrients.  A thoughtful blend of peat and coco gives you the best of both types of media and reduces the environmental impact of the soil blend overall.  Still not impressed?  Check out the list of ingredients below!

Peat Moss, Perlite, Coco Fiber, Composted Forest Material, Pumice, Worm Castings, Bat Guano, Soybean Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Fishbone Meal, Kelp Meal, and Greensand.

Also contains the following mycorrhizae: Funneliformis mosseae, Rhizophagus intraradices, and Septoglomus desertícola

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