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The Bluelab Combo Meter is capable of accurately measuring pH, conductivity, and temperature so that you can ensure all three are within the necessary ranges to ensure optimum health and vigor with your crop.  Maintaining a proper pH, ppm, and temperature will optimize nutrient uptake in your grow. 

The Bluelab Combo Meter can measure pH, TDS, and temperature in nutrient reservoirs, run-off sources, your base water supply, and other liquid mediums. This meter is light, compact, and portable. Cleaning, calibrating, and replacing probes is also incredibly simple.  The pH probe should be calibrated regularly in order to ensure accuracy, but the conductivity probe requires no further calibration.  The included 2 meter measuring cables make readings in hard to reach places a breeze.  You can also choose from a variety of scales for your conductivity readings (EC, CM, PPM 500/TDS, or PPM 700) and temperature (°C or °F).

5 year warranty on meter
6 month warranty on pH probe

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