HM Digital EC/TDS HydroTester Pen

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Hm Digital released the COM-80 as an affordable, but reliable, EC/TDS meter  ideal for testing in situations like hydroponics, aquaponics, gardening, pools & spas, aquariums & reef tanks, water ionizers, drinking water and more. This handheld pen measures both electrical conductivity (EC) and total dissolved solids (TDS) and is a great option for hydroponic nutrient testing.

- Four Scales-  EC: µS, mS and TDS: ppm, ppt
- ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation)
- Water Resistant
- Range: 0-9990 µS; 0-5000 ppm; 0-9.9 mS; 0-5.0 ppt
- Easy digital calibration
- Saves battery with an auto-off function
- Data-hold function
- Large LCD screen shows temp too
- Factory calibrated 
- Includes cap and batteries

EC Range 0-9990 µS; 0-9.9 mS
TDS Range 0-5000 ppm (mg/L); 0-5.0 ppt
Temp Range
Resolution 1 µS/ppm; 0.1 mS/ppt
Temp Resolution 0.1°C/F 
Accuracy +/- 2% 
EC to TDS Conversion Factor NaCl (avg of 0.5) 
Digital, push button
Dimensions 6.0 x 1.3 x 0.7 inches

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