Grower's Edge Large Display Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer

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The Grower's Edge Thermo-hygrometer is perfect for monitoring the temperature and humidity indoors and outside.  Works great with grow rooms, greenhouses, grow tents, garages, attics, closets, and other spaces. Measures indoor/outdoor temperature & indoor humidity. Stores the Min and Max. values of the indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity. Allows you to switch between °C and °F and features a clock function with 12/24 hour time format. Waterproof temperature probe. 

Comes with 1 AAA alkaline battery

• Indoor temperature measuring range: 32° F~122° F (0° C~ 50° C).
• Outdoor temperature measuring range: -58° F~158° F (-50° C~70° C).
• Indoor humidity measuring range: 15%~95% RH (Relative Humidity).
• Resolution: Temperature: 0.1° C; Humidity: 1% RH.
• Power Supply: 1 AAA alkaline battery (included).
• Operation environment: Temperature: 0° C~50° C; Humidity: 15%~95% RH.

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