Bluelab Multimedia pH Meter with Leap pH Probe

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The Bluelab Multimedia pH Meter and Bluelab Leap pH Probe make for a devastatingly convenient combo. The Leap pH probe is capable of quickly and accurately testing the pH of soil, rockwool, nutrient solutions, coco coir, potting mixes, and many other types of media. The probe features a hardy spear tip that allows you to get right into the rhizosphere without damaging the equipment.  

The meter itself is designed in true Bluelab fashion and is incredibly simple and easy to use as. Calibrate with a literal push of a button on the meter and using Bluelab's Calibration Solutions. A calibration indicator is displayed on screen when you've successfully calibrated and will disappear after 30 days.  Simply recalibrate to ensure continued accuracy. 

5 year warranty on meter
6 month warranty on probe
2 x AAA alkaline batteries included

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